Malaria Elimination, Namibia

Felix is a member of an indoor residual spraying team deployed by the Namibia Malaria Elimination Research Partnership (NAMEP). These teams spray households in the Zambezi region of Namibia at high risk of malaria. In this household in Wayawaya village, Felix is spraying a powerful insecticide that will kill the Anopheles mosquito that spreads malaria. Over the past four years, Namibia has been in a drought but recent rains and flooding have spread mosquito breeding sites.

As part of a Novartis Foundation-supported program, NAMEP provides indoor residual spraying together with Targeted Parasite Elimination (TPE) and screening and treatment for malaria. TPE is a promising strategy that provides treatment to people at high risk of malaria who may not show symptoms, but could still be infectious. The TPE study aims to build scientific evidence on the effectiveness, feasibility, safety, and cost-effectiveness of this innovative strategy to eliminate malaria.

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