Name: Firoza Khatun

Age: 60

Fiorza was diagnosed with leprosy a year ago. She lives in the Naya Bazar area of the Jhapa District in Nepal with her husband and five children.

Fiorza is a housewife, and her husband is a laborer, working on any job available on the day.

Only by interrupting disease transmission through earlier diagnosis and treatment will we achieve zero new cases of leprosy. The Novartis Foundation’s leprosy post-exposure-prophylaxis (LPEP) program provides preventative treatment to close contacts of newly diagnosed patients – such as family members or friends – to decrease the risk of transmission.

When the LPEP survey was done, everyone in the village and its surroundings participated – about 60 people were examined in total. No one else was identified, but there are two others in the village that were diagnosed with leprosy 17 years ago, and although they have been treated one still suffers from feet ulcers due to permanent loss of sensation.

The program is currently running in Indonesia, India, Tanzania, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Brazil with several partners, including with Netherlands Leprosy Relief in Nepal.

Read more about LPEP here.




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