Name: Rameswor Kamait

Age: 65

Rameswor Kamait is a farmer living in Majhare in the Morang District of Nepal. He houses 13 members of his family, including his children and grandchildren.

Rameswor was diagnosed with leprosy after developing a fever that wouldn’t respond to medicine. His family were subsequently screened and his son was successfully treated for leprosy.

Only by interrupting disease transmission through earlier diagnosis and treatment will we achieve zero new cases of leprosy. The Novartis Foundation’s leprosy post-exposure-prophylaxis (LPEP) program provides preventative treatment to close contacts of newly diagnosed patients – such as family members or friends – to decrease the risk of transmission.

The program is currently running in Indonesia, India, Tanzania, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Brazil with several partners, including with Netherlands Leprosy Relief in Nepal.

Read more about the LPEP program here.



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