Leprosy elimination, Myanmar

Leprosy elimination, Myanmar

Daw Too stands with her husband and son in front of their home in Myanmar. They found out their neighbor Ko Myo was diagnosed with leprosy two years ago. Through the leprosy post-exposure prophylaxis (LPEP) program, Ko Myo was treated with multidrug therapy (MDT). Daw Too and her family were also screened for leprosy. As they did not show any symptoms, they were offered a post-exposure prophylaxis (single dose rifampicin) which can reduce their risk of developing leprosy by 50-60%.

The challenge in the last mile toward achieving elimination of leprosy is to interrupt transmission. The Novartis Foundation works with partners to implement strategies that help interrupt leprosy transmission. Due to the intervention and treatment through LPEP, Ko Myo and Daw Too and her family can continue to live as neighbors without fearing leprosy transmission.

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