Better Hearts Better Cities, Ulaanbaatar

Names: Togmoddorj (husband) and Davaajav (wife)

Profession: Patient and carer

Togmoddorj is a 69-year-old mechanic by trade who is unable to work. His wife, Davaajav, is the most loving and loyal wife her husband could wish for. Living in the Ger district, alongside being the sole money earner for the household and suffering from health issues herself, Davaajav has been Togmoddorj’s full time carer for 10 years since he was bedbound after suffering a stroke due to unknown and therefore untreated hypertension. Persistent or untreated hypertension is one of the risk factors for myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke, arterial aneurysm and chronic kidney failure – all bad news. Togmoddorj’s high blood pressure is now controlled by oral medication, but Davaajav struggles on to find the money to tackle her own health problems.  – Dr. Alex Kumar

Dr. Alexander Kumar is a British doctor and photojournalist whose areas of special interest are expedition medicine, global health and infectious and tropical diseases. Alex has worked in over 70 countries and recently visited Mongolia as part of the Better Hearts Better Cities initiative.

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